A Cheating Unfaithful Man

He’s Still Cheating: What‘s the Last Straw?

Your man is still cheating on you. No matter how many times you confront him about the situation, he still hasn’t changed his ways. Or, maybe you haven’t confronted him yet. You are still trying to get incriminating evidence against him. Until then, you plan to look the other way. However, what happens if things get worst? Unfortunately, sometimes you have to adjust your plans due to unplanned events or discoveries. When you have a cheating man, you have to be ready for almost anything.

He Has More Than One Affair

You forgave him for his first affair. Instead of getting his act together, he just waited for you to cool off and started cheating again. Sure, he gave you jewelry and flowers. He told you all of the sweet things that you wanted to hear. He even promised to help out more around the house with the housework and the kids. However, you just found out that he is in the middle of another affair.

Are you going to forgive him this time? What can he say this time that he has not said before? Have you finally had enough of his disrespect and unfaithfulness? What will it take for you to finally leave your cheating disrespectful man? Is this the last straw?

He Has More Than One Mistress

You really have a cheating bum. You found out that he is cheating on you with more than one woman. It is quite obvious that your man does not understand the meaning of the word commitment. He has no intentions of being faithful. At this point, he can’t say that he made a mistake and that “it just happened.” It is evident that he has made a conscious decision to live the lifestyle of a cheating unfaithful man. Are you able to live with his decision? Are you willing to be one of his many trophies? Is this the last straw for you?

He Fathered a Child Outside of Your Relationship

Not only did he have an affair, but he now has a love child with this woman. This is so wrong on so many different levels. This shows a lack of respect for you and your relationship. It shows that he is not a responsible human being. It is obvious that he did not use protection. This means that he risked the chance of infecting you with a STD or even worst. He has no respect for you at all. This is really a bad situation if you are married to this lowlife of a man. Will this be the final straw for you?

He Spends Household Money on Other Women

Bills need to be paid. Why is he spending money on this home wrecker? You have things that you need. However, you find out that he is using large sums of money outside of your household. He shouldn’t buy this woman a Happy Meal, but you find out that he has purchased big ticket items for her. Is this acceptable to you? What are you going to do? Is this the last straw for you?

The Cat’s Out of the Bag and Everyone Knows

Believe it or not, some women will continue to stay with a cheating unfaithful man no matter what he says or does. As long as neighbors, friends and family don’t know what is going on, they will not leave their cheating men. It’s easier to continue the relationship or marriage because of financial reasons or convenience. However, once everyone knows that cheating exists, it is hard for them to save face with their neighbors, friends and family. Are you one of these women? Will you stick around until your cheater’s little secret is out of the bag?

A cheater will continue to cheat as long as you allow him to do so. What will it take for you to finally say that you have had enough of his cheating and leave him for good? What can he say or do that is so bad and unforgivable that you will pack up and leave?

Right now you may be able to endure the torture of dealing with a cheating unfaithful man. However, there will be a time in which it will get worse. Think of the worst case scenario that would totally send you over the edge? What will you do if it happens? Do you have a plan? What’s the final straw that will make you leave?

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