Why Does He Keep Lying To My Face?

Do you find yourself asking "Why does he keep lying to my face?" The answer is really quite simple. He is going to continue lying to you until you can prove that he is lying. He's a no good undercover cheater. His goal is to cheat. Your goal is to get positive proof and prove that he is cheating. It's simple.

Well, actually, it's a little bit more difficult that that. Your job is to decide if you are going to stay with him and put up with his cheating. Chances are you know deep down inside of your heart that your man is cheating and covering it up. But, you on the other hand want him to take you by the hand and tell you that he isn't. SNAP OUT OF IT! If he is cheating, he is not going to come clean until you get solid evidence to incriminate him. You have to prove that the gig is up.

When did your man become a lying unfaithful man? When did he get to the point that he is able to look you dead in the eye and lie? No, we aren't talking about simple lies like " No, honey, you don't look fat in that dress." Or, "I loved last night's new meatloaf recipe." We are talking about the type of lies that hurt, humiliate and destroy your self worth. You know, the ones like " I don't know how that number got there. You know, I drove some of my co-workers to lunch the other day. It probably fell out of one of their pockets."

Does he think that you are stupid? He knows that you aren't stupid, but he also knows that you are continuing to put up with his nonsense. So what does your cheating man do? He continues to tell lies. These are the type of lies that make you question your intelligence. But, that is what a cheater does in order to cover up his game. He will do anything possible......even it means lying to you and making you feel like the worst person in the world.

But, you have to wonder and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is he lying because he loves me so much and does not want me to know the horrible things that he has done? He is really afraid of losing me?
  • Is he lying because this is actually a side of him that he has covered up for years and I failed to discover?
  • Is this the way that he has become because he no longer considers our relationship important?
If you can answer these questions truthfully, then you have the answer for whether or not you should even consider staying with your lying cheating man. Can you answer them? Do you now have any additional insight as to why your man is lying to your face?

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